Swiss Re: «Giving at Work»

«Giving at Work» Projekt

Platform for joint donating – all over the world


As one of the biggest global reinsurers, Swiss Re engages more than 12’000 employees in 28 countries. At Swiss Re Foundation an idea arose: helping together in emergency situations and collecting donations – beyond national borders with international colleagues and partners.

But many countries have their own currency, different types of online payment methods are common, everyone needs a donation receit valid in their country and everyone speaks a different language.

getunik came up with a solution for this challenge: with the platform «Giving at Work» fundraising in international companies has become very easy. To motivate Swiss Re’s employees to make a donation, getunik relied on transparency as a main factor. On the platform the current donation amount is always shown. A further incentive can be displayed to website visitors as well: the donation match. If e.g. an employee donates 100 Swiss Francs the amount is doubled to 200 Swiss Francs by Swiss Re and is indicated on the platform.

With the platform «Giving at Work» helping and donating jointly beyond national boundaries is possible for the first time – for all employees of international companies.

Customer’s requirements

  • Globally valid platform
  • Best currency & payment method for donors
  • Issuing of donation receits
  • Creation landing pages by Swiss Re Foundation
  • Creation landing pages within a reasonable time
  • Language system and landing pages: Englisch

Services by getunik

  • Consulting, conception & design
  • Technical implementation of the platform
  • Acquisition of non-profit organizations
  • Coordination payment methods & contracts

Products used

  • RaiseNow SaaS solution «P2P Corporate Fundraising»
  • RaiseNow Manager
«Giving at Work» Startseite
«Giving at Work» Spenden
«We are looking forward to starting campaigns quickly to encourage our colleagues to make a donation. The technical solution is great. We love the design. And we enjoyed the cooperation with getunik a lot.»
Sandra Weinstock, Project Manager Swiss Re Foundation