Helvetas social funding platform


Helvetas with innovative social funding platform

Initial position: Mein-Wunsch.org is a donation platform operated by Helvetas, allowing anyone to launch a personal fundraising campaign. This could be for a birthday, wedding or marathon. The money that is collected is used to finance drinking water in African schools.

Public fundraising is intended for individuals, groups and companies who want to collect donations on a specific occasion such as a birthday, wedding, Christmas or sports event. The initiators of a fundraising campaign can simply start their own donation page and share it with friends and acquaintances. By doing so, they ask for a donation to a good cause in lieu of a gift. A timeline with comment function (text, image, video) permits communication with the campaign initiator. A dynamic donation barometer displays the current level of donations and the goal.

best of swiss web

Awarded work

We are very pleased with the successful evaluation of our platform at the Best of Swiss Web Awards 2014 . We won silver in the Innovationcategory as well as a bronze for Usability and Public Affairs. Thanks to one and all who helped us to achieve this success. These awards inspire us to continue to develop this project further and to improve it with additional functionalities.

Corporate Fundraising

Corporate fundraising

Corporate fundraising is gaining importance for companies in order to promote their own social engagement. The “matching gift” functionality is suitable here among others, allowing the company to double employee donations.

Helvetas CRM

CRM integration

Thanks to highly modern payment interfaces, all common payment methods including donations by SMS and PayPal are available. Data are transferred to the respective CRM in real time. Individual branding adapts the platform to the organisation’s design standards. The solution which is subject to continuous further development is operated under the SaaS model (software-as-a-service). Additional features can be developed and integrated by request.

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BoSW Master Nomination

How does the platform work? Explained in a nutshell.